2016-2017 Terms & Conditions

I am enrolling my child and will mail or bring in the registration fee of $20/child (except for Summer classes - no registration fee for Summer) to Dance by Cami, 4225 Washington Rd, McMurray PA, 15317.  I understand that tuition is based on an annual fee and divided into 10 equal monthly payments.  I am agreeing to be responsible for tuition payments until notification of withdrawal.  I understand that I can pay monthly, semi-annually, or annually.  If payments are made in installments, I know they are due the first class of the month, regardless of any absences.  I am aware that there are NO REFUNDS or DEDUCTIONS for classes not attended.  I understand that I must notify the office by WRITTEN NOTICE prior to the month of withdrawal.  I understand and agree to the terms of this agreement and those outlined by the school’s current Policy and Procedure Manual.



Parent and/or Guardian Release of Claims

I recognize that certain classes will involve physical activity, represent that my child is in good health and has no disability nor physical impairment that would preclude him/her from participating in the physical activity required for the classes.  I also recognize that classes involving physical activity may result in injury as a result of that activity.  Knowing the above, for myself and the minor, I do hereby release, discharge, acquit and forever forgive Dance by Cami, it’s employees, instructors, agents and officers from any and all present and future causes of action, civil or criminal claims, demands, damages, costs, attorneys fees, loss of services, expenses, compensation, third party actions, suits at law or inequity, including claims and suits for contribution and/or indemnity of whatever nature, and all consequential damages, and all known and unknown personal injuries, death, and/or property damage arising out of participation or taking classes or instructions at Dance by Cami.  I also undertand that if the student and/or parent becomes disruptive, argumentative, or is heard talking about the studio in a negative light in person, online, or on the phone, the student is subject to immediate dismissal from the studio, at Miss Cami's descretion. The above applies to all family members of students while on the premises of the Dance by Cami Studio.

I further state that I have carefully read the foregoing Release and know the contents thereof and check the box as my own free act.