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The policies and procedures of this studio have been outlined below.  Please take the time to read this important information and review it with your child.  If you should have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us through phone or email.  Thank you!



Tuition Payments: 

All tuition is based on the 10-month year, September-June, not by the individual class.  Your monthly rate remains the same, regardless of the number of instruction weeks in each month. The monthly payment plan is your annual tuition divided into 10 equal monthly payments.  NOTE: All tuition payments are due by the 5th of each month.  A $10 late fee will be applied to any past due balance.  Your child will be unable to continue in class if tuition payment is 2 months past due.  There is a $24 fee for any checks returned for non-sufficient funds.

For your convenience, we offer 3 payment plans:

1.  Annual Payment:  If you choose this form of payment, you will receive 10% off of your total bill.

2.  Semi-Annual Payment:  If you choose this method of payment, you will receive 5% off of your total bill.

3.  Monthly Payment:  Payment is due by the 5th of each month.  A $10 late fee will be applied to any past due balance paid after the 5th.

No tuition refunds or credits will be given due to absenteeism or if a student leaves before completing the month.  Tuition payments and lessons are non-transferable. 


Shoe and Apparel Class Requirements:

Pre-School Combo Class:  Any color leotard and tights.  Black tap shoes with either tyettes worn with elastic fastener or the preferred U-Buckle or Velcro Mary Jane.  NO "ABT SPOTLIGHT" TAP SHOES!!!  Pink leather Ballet slippers.

Easy Apparel Rule:  For all core classes (Tap, Ballet and Jazz), the students can wear a black leotard and pink tights.

K-6 Rec Tap Class:  Black leotard and pink or tan tights.  TAN U-BUCKLE Tap Shoes for ALL non-company tap classes grades k-12.  You may start your classes in any color Capezio or Bloch tap shoes if you have ones that still fit from last year.  However, when you go to purchase new shoes, remember to buy the TAN U-BUCKLES as they will be required for the recital.

K-6 Rec Ballet Class:  Black leotard and pink tights.  You may wear a ballet skirt if you wish, except for Company Ballet classes.  Pink, split-sole Ballet shoes. 

K-6 Rec Jazz Class:  Black leotard and pink or tan tights.  You may also wear black form fitting shorts or black jazz pants if you wish.  Initially you may wear ballet slippers, bare feet, or any type of jazz shoe that you have.  The required shoe for your recital dance will be determined by January, once the costumes are selected.  Please check with your instructor to see what the specific recital shoe requirement will be. 

7-12 Rec Tap/Ballet/Jazz Classes:  Any color leotard/dancewear and tights optional.


All Company Classes (Except Ballet Technique): Any color leotard/dancewear and tights optional.

Ballet Technique: Black leotard and pink tights.  Pink split sole ballet shoes.  Hair in a ballet bun.

Cheer-Dance:  Leotard or t-shirt/tank and shorts.  (Or you can wear your Jazz apparel if you wish.)  White, INDOOR ONLY tennis shoes.

Hip Hop:  Loose fitting clothing that you can dance in.  (T-shirt/tank with sweatpants/shorts.)  Jazz shoes or INDOOR sneakers.

Acro:  Leotard/dancewear.  Barefoot.

Lyrical, Contemporary, Musical Theater, Stretch, Turns, Leaps and Jumps:  Any color leotard/dancewear and tights optional.  Barefoot/Foot Undeez to start.  Specific shoes for recital dances to be determined by January.

Important!!  The dress code will be strictly enforced by all teachers.  Your child will not be permitted to take class without the proper attire.  Absolutely NO "ABT Spotlight" brand tap shoes are allowed on our floors!!  The metal on these taps leaves a residue on our floor which causes a glazing effect making it very slippery and will eventually ruin the floor. 

Places to purchase shoes:  We recommend going to Tightspot Dancewear Center or Tutu for a professional fitting.  You may also purchase your shoes and apparel from our online store at using log in "Dance by Cami" and password "5678dance" to find all your dancewear needs.

Hair:  Hair must be pulled back in a ponytail or bun for all classes except Pre-School Combo.

Jewelry:  No dangling earrings, necklaces or bracelets in any classes.


Annual Dance Recital

At the end of each year, every student will have the opportunity to show his/her accomplishments by performing in the annual dance recital!  This is a very special time for the students to shine in the spotlight and is highly recommended, however not mandatory.  A recital costume commitment fee of $50/costume will be collected in the Fall.  Our recitals are held at Upper St. Clair High School Theater.


Parent Observation Day

Parents will be invited to observe their child's classes from inside the classroom 2 times each year.  You will receive these dates in the school calendar.  In order to make this lesson productive, we ask that the parents/visitors keep conversations inside the classroom amongst other parents to a minimum!  All other classes may be observed from the windows or the lobby.  You may be assured that your child is being instructed in a manner associated with proper and efficient dance training.


Termination of Classes

Written notice is required if you wish to withdraw from all classes.  You may submit your withdraw notice at the studio, or via email at  As soon as we receive your notice, you will no longer be billed.  No tuition refunds or credits will be given due to absenteeism or if a student leaves before completing the month.  Tuition payments and lessons are non-transferable.



Class placement is made with the ability and age of the student in mind.  If a student shows unusual progress throughout the year, he/she will be transferred to a more appropriate class.


Snow Days

Morning classes will be canceled when the Peters School District is closed due to ice or snow.  We may or may not cancel morning classes if there is a delay at Peters.  Afternoon classes will be determined by 2:00pm.  snow day class cancellations will be on WTAE-TV,, and on the Dance by Cami Facebook page.  One snow day is built into each class day, therefore there will not be a make-up class unless more than one class is missed due to inclement weather. 


Personal Property

The studio is not responsible for any personal property, including jewelry.  All shoes and dance bags should be labeled with the student's name.  Parents are encouraged to periodically check the Lost and Found bin located in the dressing area hallway.  At the end of each year, all items left in the Lost and Found bin will be donated to charity.


Dance Studio Floors

The studio is furnished with a sprung floor system.  The floors are suspended off the ground to ensure the safety of your child.  Absolutely no street shoes may be worn on the dance floors!  Students and parents are not permitted in the dance rooms without a teacher present. 


Siblings in the Studio

When siblings are brought to the studio, they MUST be accompanied by their parent or guardian at all times.  They are NOT permitted to play in the dressing room/lobby unattended!  Misbehavior by any Dance by Cami student or one of their family members can result in expulsion from the studio. 


Leaving the Building

Convenience and safety played a major role when this studio space was selected.  Please be notified that we are not responsible for the safety of your child if he/she leaves the facility for any reason.  Parents should come inside the studio to pick up your children. 

Parents, please be prompt in picking up your child.  Advise your child to stay inside until you arrive.  The teacher will be busy teaching her next class and will not be in the lobby to supervise your child. 



Any questions directed to Cami or any teacher at the studio should be addressed by phone or email.  Do not direct questions to teachers during studio time.  Their time is to be spent teaching your child as well as the entire class.  This can be disruptive to the teacher and to the children.  Please call the studio at 724-942-0500 or email at  You may also contact us through this website.  If you wish to speak with a teacher personally, we will be happy to meet with you by appointment.  If you have a question about costumes, adding/dropping classes, tuition, or the school calendar, feel free to ask the office manager inside the studio if she is available.  You may also reach her at the same number and email address. 



Regular attendance is highly encouraged.  Each student is important to the progress of the whole class.  Interest is kept when there is progress and development.  Irregular attendance slows both.  Please be prompt.  It is much appreciated by the staff and other students if all students arrive on time!


Missed Lessons

Since we limit our class size and in order to maintain an appropriate student/teacher ratio, missed lessons cannot be made up on another day.  Exceptions will be made for scheduled vacations and illnesses lasting more than 2 consecutive scheduled classes.  In this case, please notify the office manager and she will find the appropriate class for your dancer to use as the make-up class. 



This ia a non-smoking environment.  Smoking is not permitted anywhere in the building.  Please use common courtesy and do not smoke right outside the building doors where the children are entering and exiting the building.  Thank you.


Etiquette and Demeanor

If a student or parent is heard slandering the studio in any way, he or she will be removed from the studio immediately and without refund, at the discretion of Miss Cami.

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