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Dance by Cami is home of the DBC Company Dancers known as the Showdolls. The Showdolls are a National Award-Winning group for dancers ages 7-18


Our Mini-Company for students ages 5-6 are known as the Babydolls. 


Our 4 year old members are known as the Preemies

Showdoll Auditions

Dance By Cami holds annual group auditions for prospective members of the Showdolls.  Group auditions will occur on April 28th, 2023 for the upcoming season.  We also hold private auditions by appointment if the group audition has passed.  Dancers should expect to learn combinations and demonstrate them in front of the faculty. 

Team Building

Showdolls are encouraged to support one another and show good sportsmanship for their teammates as well as competing dance studios.  Older and younger dancers are paired together as "big sister/litter sister" for a season through random drawing. 


Palm Trees

Perform at Disney World!

Showdolls Performances 

Our Showdolls participate in several competitions each season. 


During the holidays the Showdolls also give back to the community by performing  a holiday production for nursing homes in the area.  They also perform their holiday production at the Annual Christmas Party hosted at the beautiful Hilton Hotel in Southpointe. 


The most exciting performance for the Showdolls is the biennial performance at Walt Disney World in Orlando Florida! 

Contact us to schedule a private audition and we will also send you our full packet of information about becoming a Showdoll!

Your Showdoll packet is on its way!

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